Photography Trends

When I first got into photography, textures and warming filters were all the rage. So, I learned to edit using those first. For example:

A touch here, a splash there, anything to make the image warmer. Yes, I definitely got into that trend, and while I can still find many that are of this nature that are beautiful and really stir up some emotions, that trend/style just didn’t seem to fit me after a while. Sure, sometimes I’ll still add a texture or a warming filter because I feel it expresses the clients’ style:

or because of the emotion/story I wanted to express in my image. Like, maybe I wanted it to feel a bit more old school:

But  lately, many of the photographs I’ve been drawn to include more dreamy, airy, soft images. And I feel this is another new trend based on how many of these images that I’ve come across, whether on purpose or by accident.

I’ve tried a few of these types, but I feel that it’s not entirely me, either. See, I love these images, but when I try to create these dreamy, soft photographs, they never turn out how I imagine them. Maybe I need more practice, or better knowledge of a different type of action, but I wish I actually had an image to share with you that I’ve tried. Most of the ones that I’ve worked on making a bit more dreamy, well, they didn’t turn out the way I wanted. They were a bit too saturated to be considered dreamy or airy, or a bit too sharp to be soft; so, I usually ended up deleting the attempts. lol

However, like I said, I love viewing these types of images, and I admire those who can create such beauty using those techniques, but in the end, I don’t feel they aren’t meant to be my style, either. as mine never seem “right” to me. While I would love to create images like those I admire, I’m just not sure that’s what I’m meant to create that type of image. Maybe one day I can master that dreamy, soft expression through practice, but for now, I’m still drawn to editing with brighter, stronger colors and a bit more sharpness all around. I must always keep the story in mind as well, in both respects. How do I convey what I see, the story I’m trying to express, and what I’m drawn to in the image I envision in my mind? Some people are able do this with bright light and overexposure better than I can, and I say, “More power to them!” Their work is beautiful, and I hope they keep creating. And I hope that I am able to continue honing my skills and abilities so that I can continue on with a style that I find myself drawn to and does work with my perceptions and views of the world around me.

I don’t want to give up trying to create these, because I feel that learning trends definitely can enhance what you have in your photographic toolbox, but I always seem to change my mind about the “dreamy” effect I’ve created through editing, replacing it with something more punchy or something a little less…airy. Lately, I’ve also been changing many of images to black and white! So, I’ll have to see how this trend continues to grow (or diminish?) in my editing toolbox as time progresses.

For now, thanks for stopping by, and next time on “Catching Up With Kat’s Homework Assignments:” What Processes Do I Enjoy Most? lol


Field Trip!

I’ve been working on catching up on some of my FYE assignments, and I finally was able to make it to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. I had planned on going earlier, but I ended up with a sprained ankle, which of course needed rest. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because when I went with Jeremy this past week, I was able to see an exhibit of Read Lee‘s (Li De) paintings.

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of him before that day, but oh. my. lanta. I am seriously in love with his work. Not gonna lie. At first, I was drawn to his paintings because of his use of colors – so many opposites and contrasts – and his brush strokes left some wonder and mystery for the imagination. However, as I looked closer (partially thanks to my wonderful husband and partially due to intrigue and little strokes that caught my eye here or there), there were stories and emotions in each color, blurred figure, and even some hidden ones as well! So amazing.

I believe I have some of my classmates to thank for my next realization, but despite the rich colors and contrasts, I began to realize that it was the story that the image portrayed that I was truly drawn to. My favorites of his were ones with titles that helped spur my imagination to begin to wonder, and as I continued to look at the art piece, the story continued to develop in my mind. This assignment helped me to realize something that my classmates had caught in my images during the first section of Kat’s class. (Thank you!)

So, while I can definitely take some of the more obvious observations and apply more of them to my work, like the contrasts and bright colors, it’s the stories I hear, see, and imagine that I’m really drawn to and inspire me, and I need to make sure to keep my eyes open for each story.
Although, for some fun, maybe in some of my images I could even start to incorporate a few hidden pieces/subjects as well. 😉

Feeling Fenced In

Sometimes in life there are obstacles we have to face and overcome. In no way is this a new discovery; there are countless blogs and articles about our fears and limitations we place on ourselves, but as I looked through my files, this image caught my eye. At first I was captivated by the memories of finding this lovely color in the middle of the concrete jungle I call home, but after inserting this image into my blog post, obstacles and limitations are what came to mind.

So often we find ourselves facing certain fears, self-doubt, and perfectionism that we can place on ourselves. This is true for me right now. I can feel myself getting closer to the parts of my [photography] journey that I am most afraid to do and that I consider to be some of the most risky, and these piled on top of my daily work routines and duties seem to create a never-ending barrier that fences me in and keeps me stuck, making me want to stay safe and put, and, dare I say it, comfortable. (A shudder just made its way down my spine at that word.)

In addition, because we can also find ourselves feeling stuck and a little scared when something goes awry (like a broken primary creative tool), we push ourselves even further down in order to stay put, convincing ourselves that we aren’t able to do what another artist can because of this mistake/circumstance/whatever, and therefore should probably give up. It is for this very reason I have decided to implement some new daily routines to make sure that I am using my time more wisely than I did before my vacation home, really trying to make my life and available time here count, as well as making sure I stay inspired, fill my well, and continue creating while I await my purchase of a new camera and after as well. You can look for these in upcoming blog posts (as actually journaling more, both on my blog and in fun notebooks is on the agenda).

It’s time for me to start the difficult climb over my fence of self-placed limitations, fears, perfectionism, and self-doubt. Who’s with me?