Why Photography?

I’ve actually been asking myself this for a little while now, trying to get back into the reasons I originally picked up a camera. I didn’t really get into photography until about two years ago when I saw all the amazing wedding photographs and photographers out there. I was astounded drawn in by all the different types of beauty being captured as well as both the subtle and dramatic effects with lighting. And suddenly, I just said, “These are amazing/gorgeous/incredible/(insert awe-stricken adjective here)!” which was later followed by, “Hey. I want to do this!”

So, I took some time looking over camera options, lens options, etc., and settled on what I considered at the time to be the best deal for the best beginner’s camera. I started learning all I could from books and the internet, running across some really great and helpful blogs, websites, and groups out there. Photography became my new creative outlet, especially during a time when I didn’t feel there were any other creative outlet options for me. I had never experienced anything like it before. It allowed me to really take time, to focus on the present – what was happening right then and there in front of my lens. To experience and capture what I found beautiful in a new way. To play around and experiment. I started taking photographs as a way to really connect with my creative side again. I take photographs because it makes me feel good, especially when my click of the shutter captures the image just how I imagined it in my mind. It makes me feel like I am really connecting to what’s around me in a way that will help me to remember the moment always.

The idea of experimentation with light, bokeh, and dof still continues to draw me in, and I continue to work on this on a daily basis. It’s what really keeps me interested and excited in the process: “What happens if the light is in this position? How does it change the mood here? There?” It’s also what keeps me motivated. I want to capture my images in the best light possible in order to fully express both the subject’s own story as well as how I view it. I strive to create images that truly express what it is that I am seeing/feeling/experiencing in general. There is still some distance left on this road, but every once in a while I get glimpses that show me I am still headed down the right track, and I can only smile when it happens, realizing that this is the direction I need to continue following – making more images like this one.

By striving for images that express exactly what I am experiencing, and therefore my style, I also realize that it will help me extrinsically. I really want to make it as a lifestyle photographer once we move back to the states in about two years, and in order to do this, finding my style now not only keeps me intrinsically motivated, but it is also what extrinsically drives me to make it to the next part of my path and photography journey. Knowing that I can do this for a living is the main external drive as to why I do photography. It starts with helping me to feel more complete and ends with realizing that this can become part of my future livelihood. And I love it all.

The other day I took a photo at my mom’s house. The light was shining beautifully and the colors of the flowers made me feel very happy. I truly felt like I was experiencing summer. And I believe that it reflects just that.




I feel like much of what I could write for this first post has been written in the Welcome section to the right; so, I’m going to keep it short and simple. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my journal! I’m really looking forward to this course, meeting those who have registered, and enjoying all the beautiful images that I’m sure are bound to portray pieces of ourselves and lives as we delve deeper into our photography. Don’t be shy! Please make sure leave some comments and a link to your journal so that I can get to know you as well! I’m looking forward to it! 🙂