Happy Spring

Image by Laura Smith

I have had many thoughts running through my brain recently, but I must say that while they’re all in there and others have been placed on paper, it’s hard for me to write them here. I’m not sure why, but for some reason it’s become harder and harder to write posts on this blog. I continue trying to push through, though, as I love writing and I love having a blog, but for the time being, I feel as though there are just too many words. I am trusting that in time, they will come.

So, for now, “Happy Spring!”

I am so happy it has returned.


Thailand Part Three

Now, on to Sukhothai! We stayed with a couch surfer in Phitsanulok the last couple of days in Thailand, and then took a minibus into Sukhothai, where we rented bicycles and rode around the gorgeous park of ancient ruins.

One of the things that I loved the most about Thailand was having the chance to just relax, breathe, and not stress about what I should be doing. It really gave me a chance to think about things I have thought about in a while, like the future, priorities, and, well, life in general. Sukhothai was the best place for this. So calm, so peaceful, and so…beautiful. (I wish it was around the corner from my apartment here!)

Thailand Part Two

As Jamie and I continued our trip through Northern Thailand, we headed south of Chiang-Mai to Lampang area to the Elephant Conservation Center. We got lucky because it just happened to be The Legend of the Elephant – read: “Free Admission” weekend. Yea! lol. But in all seriousness, we donated a little more than our share of admission because they really are a wonderful center, out to preserve and protect the elephants of that area. (In fact, they were even taking care of one that’s foot/leg got injured by a land mine!) If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend going there.

They even have an elephant dung factory where you can buy lovely paper products to help support their mission.  🙂

First up was the elephant show:

Then we headed over for an elephant ride. Quite peaceful.

After that, it was off to the nursery. This “little” lady was expecting another one!

She likes bananas.


After enjoying a spontaneous parade on our way out, we hitched a ride on a bus… by hailing it down on the side of the highway… and then we headed to meet up with our Couch Surfing host in Lampang before heading out to Phitsanulok, which is where I’ll pick up in Part Three! 🙂

Photo-Heart Connection: Pushing Through

Image by Laura Smith

Keep your feet in front of you and take life one step at a time; keep pressing on and moving forward, even when it’s hard, even when there are haters, even when you find yourself comparing. Look past the negativity and continue to push through, even if all you can do to get past all of the outside chatter is to tiptoe toward your goals. These are the thoughts I’ve had to continue repeating to myself over the past few days. Without going into too much detail, the past few days have been difficult, particularly mentally and emotionally. The world around me is in transition in more than just the literal sense, as I’ve been feeling a personal, spiritual transition, as well as environmentally, as well as in other areas that I’m not even sure how to describe at the moment because I’m not even sure what they are exactly, but I can feel them. And I’m trusting that them to come to the surface on their own in time.

The fact that I can’t put these feelings and changes into words, though, is why I’ve begun to really take time to just be, even if it’s only for five minutes before work, on a bench, observing my surroundings. The image above was taken for Prompt Addicts over on Flickr, and when it came to thinking about an image this past month that really struck a chord with my heart, this one came to mind. Surprising, considering how dearly I hold all of my Thailand images, as well as how much I am in love with my cherry blossom images from this past month, but nevertheless, this was taken on the day I actually purposefully took some time to just be. To listen. To think. To enjoy the sun on my face while I reminisced about the past and looked ahead into the future. Just like these little clovers (and other random assortment of grasses and plants), that pushed their way toward the surface, I’m working on making sure that I do the same, continue on the journey ahead of me, reaching toward my goals and the future, and taking the time to figure out the next baby step to get me closer to the big picture.

Thanks to little steps like this, there will be some announcements coming up on the blog in the near future (as in, within the next two to three weeks), including some giveaways, and I’mso looking forward to sharing them all with you. Please stay tuned. 🙂