Stefanie and Scott

They had seen each other before. Multiple times. He would sit and study with a mug of hot cocoa while she would sit across that Starbucks’ shop on breaks. It wasn’t until her friend was visiting her from Okinawa that Stefanie gathered up the courage to actually walk over to Scott’s table, friend in tow, to simply say, “Hi.” What progressed after that was delightful conversation, a fun evening, and many wonderful moments over the next year that would end up taking them down a path leading toward both love and happiness. Their happiness is apparent when they are together, and there is no doubt that they are better together.

Thank you, Stefanie and Scott for allowing me to capture your love. I had so much fun working with you both. You two really do make each other better. 🙂


Thailand Part One

So, the end of January and beginning of February were spent vacationing all around Taiwan as well as in Thailand for a with good friends.

Those two-ish weeks were amazing – not just because of everything I saw, but also because I needed a break. I needed time to process thoughts, to get caught up, and to just hear myself think in general. While I loved sightseeing with Jamie and other friends for two and a half weeks, more than that, I enjoyed the peace and quiet that came with traveling for long periods of time in a car, on a bus, train, and plane – all interspersed with jokes and friendly commentary, of course. 😉

Part One includes images from Chiang-Mai, Thailand, and with the exception of a few images, while I did a bit of editing in relation to sharpening and contrast, the colors of the temples really are that bright and beautiful thanks to the ever-present sunshine that abounds there.

Foggy, Grey Days

I love grey days as much as I love sunny days. Sunny days fill me with much happiness and warm feelings while grey days, believe it or not, tend to fill me with hope and ideas of possibilities. I think a lot of people tend to view rainy and cloudy days as days for introspection, so there are multiple thoughts that have time to marinate in my mind – thoughts of the future, thoughts for new projects, thoughts about myself. And within these thoughts I am also able to find hope and positivity there as well. So, while warm, optimistic, sunny days are always welcome (especially here in Taipei), the grey days are also welcome. Especially days like yesterday and today, where magic can be felt within the fog as well.

FYE: New Subjects

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been on a traveling spree the past few weeks, and I’ve taken some time to really disconnect. I feel as though I still need some more time to reconnect with myself before fully reestablishing my online presence, and I’m looking forward accomplishing both of these goals.

I also got a little sidetracked due to the travel when it came to catching up on all of my class materials and things related to that, so I’m still working on that goal this month, but I am in fact doing well thus far, if I do say so myself. 😉

In fact, while I was traveling, I was able to write a few journal entries relating to some of my FYE course assignments, one of which is about new subjects. When I originally came across this topic, I thought I would end up going all out and picking something completely broad, like landscapes or animals, but after playing catch up for some of my Picture Classes assignments as well, I found that the new subject I was drawn to was much smaller and less daunting as choosing something huge: hands.

One of the assignments for Picture Inspiration was to photograph hands, as well as something “hand-held,” and I found myself desiring to include hands in other shots for unrelated assignments, too. I find this surprising because often I come across photos of hands or feet, but I never thought I would want to include them in my images. I never thought that I would be able to capture “hands” in an interesting way, or to really express what I was seeing through the use of “hands.” However, come to find out, apparently it is in fact something that I do find interesting. So, without further ado, here are some of my images with hands that you may have seen and a couple that you may have not yet.

You never know what you may enjoy unless you actually try it.

Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith

What new subjects have you been enjoying lately?