Lessons From a Dog :: Make Time to Play

Image by Laura Smith

Last week was quite a task for poor Scout. She was spayed, so she wasn’t able to enjoy her daily play time and exercise. Sure, we had short, small walks, but that is not enough for her. She loves to run. Fast. A couple of days ago she was able to start running and playing a bit, though, which greatly improved her mood and left her feeling complete.

As I mentioned previously this week, I really haven’t made time to blog like I originally wanted this year, and it is entirely my fault when I think about it. Really, I have been busy, but that’s not an excuse for not blogging or doing those things that I enjoy because those were my excuses. Of course we have deadlines we have to meet and work to accomplish daily, but it really is up to me to make sure that I’m also scheduling time for the important things, the fun things, and the things that are good for us in general. Making time for those things that make us healthier mentally, spiritually, and physically is just as important as doing work and necessary daily tasks. I remembered this life lesson while I watched Scout run after her tennis ball, rushing back to do it again because she knew it was what she was really needing. This post is only the beginning of these types of changes. I hope you’ll make sure to schedule some play time into your life, too.

Image by Laura Smith

How do you schedule your “me” time and make sure that you are taking time to do the “other” important things in life as well?