Getting Back on the Blogging Track

It happens. Often. Probably more often to me than others. (Or maybe it just feels that way.) You have major plans for achieving a certain goals, and somehow, someway, they fall through. *cough, cough* Facebook *cough, cough* Somehow those plans lose momentum and are left incomplete. Then, a few months later, your mind grapes (30 Rock) reveal a sliver of a reminder, and you realize it’s still a goal you want to achieve. That’s me. With blogging. I love writing, but I so often find myself journaling that I forget to add happenings here. Poor little blog…

This particular blog was originally started to keep track of my progress throughout my online photography classes and to connect with my classmates. I definitely want to keep incorporating that, but now, with a limited amount of time left in Taiwan, I want to make sure that I document more than that. That’s something that I love so much about photography (and writing!) – the documentation, the story, the memories, the celebrations (even of the everyday!). So, a change in style is coming, but more importantly, content. You’ll be seeing more travel posts, daily life, as well as personal work and/or experiences here during the last leg of our journey and life in Taiwan. I want to document as much as possible, to remember all the great (…aaaand maybe not-so great) times here. 😉

Image by Laura Smith

Starting this Thursday, be ready for more content more often!

(Thanks Kelly and Jamie for the motivation!)


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