Giveaway Part Two!

After this past weekend’s giveaway, I am now moving on to the second category, Nature, and I hope that you are willing to participate again in order to give it another shot if you didn’t win. πŸ™‚

Here are the shots to choose from:


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith


Image by Laura Smith

Just as before, remember to leave a comment here on the blog with your favorite numbered image in order to be entered to win one free 8×12 print of that image. And remember, the chance for winning is based on the number of entries, and will be chosen using the Random Number Generator. You have until Tuesday, April 17th at 8:00 PM EST to enter, and the winner will be chosen and posted at 9:30PM EST that same night. πŸ™‚

Thank you, and good luck!


And the winner is….

Teri! Congratulations, and thank you for entering! πŸ™‚ I will be contacting you shortly.

You all had so many lovely comments and things to say, andΒ  while I can’t choose everyone, if you really enjoyed the photos, don’t despair! The first reason being that if you come back on Thursday I’m having the third and final giveaway, and the second reason being that starting Monday of next week, my photos will become available in my shop; so, feel free to stop on by then, and check them out there, too!

Thank you again! πŸ˜€ See you Thursday!


29 thoughts on “Giveaway Part Two!

  1. This was HARD! My favorite is number 3, the steps, but followed so closely by number 17, the single pink blossom and water drop, that it’s really a tie. But I’m going with the steps. I remember this picture from a previous post, and I loved it then, too.

  2. I’m a big fan of number 12’s composition. Its a nice balance of parallel and perpendicular, both in the fore and background. The contrast between the hues of the flower, the azure of the horizon and the subdued tone of the grass make for a really stunning palette. Great eye!

  3. ε…Άε―¦ζˆ‘δΈε€ͺζ˜Žη™½δ½ 3θ™Ÿζƒ³θ¦θ‘¨ι”η”šιΊΌγ€‚δΈιŽζˆ‘ζœ€ε–œζ­‘5θ™Ÿ!!

  4. No contest – #3 wins – takes me to many places – imagination is all that is required for that photo. I absolutely LOVE it! With the fog just over the steps – you can hide away the day in that photo if that is your desire, or the steps can take you anywehre you mind wishes to go ~

  5. I love #11 the best – I don’t know, but it just “caught” me every time I scrolled through them. I also liked #5, since my house if decorated in pine cones. #20 is so beautiful also, but #11 is the best. (I know your mom through Quilt Guild.)

  6. #5 caught my eye at first… then #19 with the butterfly, but in the end I choose the simplicity of #13. I just love the way the leaf is there and the way you captured the shadow. Know your mom from the Guild.

  7. Again, they are all very special ! I have looked them over so many times, my favorite is # 16. Great job Laura !

  8. 19 gave me a feeling of rebirth, and 17 reminded me something had faded away, anyway I like them all!!! good pictures

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