Happy Easter!

Today is a special day, though you wouldn’t think so on this side of the world. Here it’s just another Sunday to go exploring, catch up on work, or do some chores around the house and run some errands. Despite the low-key nature of this day here, I must say that I find myself missing Easter this year. Throughout my life I never really appreciated this holiday – at least for its true purpose. I loved getting candy, even though I was never nearly as satisfied with the sugar haul as I was on Halloween. (What?! You mean that I have to work to find that candy and don’t even get to dress up as someone powerful/beautiful/magical/etc.?! PUH-lease…. *hand*). O.K. I do love Cadbury eggs, and I would probably search the whole day just to find one of those, but still… I just didn’t see the merit in any of that back then.

However, since beginning to really seek the Lord again and trying to get back in tune with my spirituality, I find myself really valuing this holiday more than I did in the past. In the past, it was off to church to hear the same sermon as the previous year, and then home to eat ham (or was it chicken?) with the family, followed by a chocolate bunny’s ear so that I could reenact the ever famous chocolate Easter bunny cartoon – you know the one. Despite how much I have yet to grow and learn in this respect, this year I find myself really appreciating and valuing this holiday for its true meaning, and I am overcome with gratitude and a humbleness within my heart and being as I reflect on and celebrate what this day truly means: that I have been saved and forgiven by a love that is incredibly difficult to comprehend at times but is oh, so real. And I am looking forward to the future when I can celebrate it again with many friends and family members. (And maybe try to hide and find hidden candy baskets, too… eh – maybe just the Cadbury eggs. (; )

I hope you find your Easter filled with much love and happiness and adventure as you can handle in one day.

1 Peter 1:3

*Edited to add: My friend, Kelly, just posted about her Easter experiences, including a fear of the Easter bunny, so if you get the chance head on over. 🙂

*Also edited to add: Stay tuned this coming week for an awesome, fun giveaway and then some exciting photography-related news! 🙂


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